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Cancellation procedure -OR- How do I cancel?

As we now offer direct credit card transactions, we have expanded our cancellation policy.  All renewal invoices are generated 15 days prior to renewal.  Customers who cancel their Paypal subscriptions with still be generated an invoice, however no payment will be received from Paypal and service will be terminated on the renewal date.  


Paypal Cancellation Policy

Clients paying for service through Paypal have a rather straightforward means of cancellations.  Simply cancel your active subscription to our company to prevent future payments from being sent to us.  While you may still receive the next invoice from our billing system, as long as you have cancelled your subscription to us this invoice will be removed and service disabled at the end of your term.  If you decide to change your mind, simply pay the due invoice before the due date to create a new subscription.

Below is a simple link which will automatically search your Paypal account for active subscriptions to our company.  From here you can be sure to cancel any and all subscriptions you may have with us.  If you plan to keep some service with us, please be careful in what subscriptions you do cancel (you may file a support ticket with us for assistance on the matter).

>>Search Active Paypal Subscriptions<<

Once you have cancelled your service there is nothing further you need to do (no support tickets needed). If there is a specific reason for your cancellation (i.e. poor service, change of billing accounts, server cost is too high, etc...please file a ticket to let us know about it).

If you forget or fail to cancel your subscription prior to renewal there are no refunds, so be sure that if you wish to cancel that you get this done prior to your next renewal date.  No excuse is accepted for failing to cancel your subscription.  We do not accept a support ticket requesting cancellation for Paypal subscriptions.  Any such ticket will be met with a response detailing our subscription cancellation process.


Credit Card Cancellation Policy 

To cancel service when you have paid our company using direct credit card access (not credit card access through your Paypal account), you must file a billing support ticket requesting cancellation at least 144 hours (6 full days) prior to your listed invoice due date.



If you forget or fail to file a cancellation support ticket prior to the 6 day notice cut-off there will be NO refunds for the renewal that will be completed on your due date.  





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