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Paypal account verification -OR- Why isn't my service up yet?

After a new order is placed with our company through Paypal, we check our log of Paypal accounts verified with our company against the account which just paid for service. If that email address does not show up as previously verified, a verification email is dispatched to that Paypal account email address (Paypal refers to this as the "Primary Email Address") which asks for more information. If you happen to have one of these unverified accounts, you will need to find out what email you have associated with Paypal by checking the Email settings under "Preferences" on your Paypal account. Check that email account for an email sent to you from our company (a domain name of hd-gaming.com) with a subject which begins "---HiDef---". You will need to read this email fully and respond as it instructs. Once you have done this properly, service is enabled within 12 hours (assuming, of course, that you have not paid for your service with an E-Check through Paypal).

In Short:

1. Check your email address which is listed as "Primary" on your Paypal account for an email from us
2. Find the email with the subject beginning "---HiDef---"
3. Read and respond to that email as it asks

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