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Who Are We?

Founded in March 2005, Hi-Definition Gaming LLC (A Michigan Company) is a privately held entertainment services provider catering to competitive adult gamers. We are THE original performance based entertainment services provider, bringing to market our Definition product lines and creating the vernacular of the current market. Often imitated and copied, there is still only one true market leader writing the definition of performance - Hi-Definition Gaming LLC.

Why Trust Us?

While being a fully registered business in the State of Michigan for over 3 years is nothing to scoff at, we also practice extremely sound judgment in our daily operation. You can rest assured that the information you provide us (names, phone numbers, addresses, billing information, or anything else) will never be used for malicious purposes, sold to any advertising or spam companies, nor will it ever leave our secure environment. We do not possess any special or golden machines that are used for testing purposes for the intent of luring potential clients in and then switching them to systems which are overloaded or perform poorly. We only provide test services on production machines during prime hours (7-10PM EST). Why? This is when you'll be using the server. We want you to know that we're not afraid of selling you service on the exact IP you tested, letting you test that service out in practices and scrimmages during prime time hours (when everyone else is using their service). We also offer extremely fair terms for service refunds, location transfers, service upgrades and downgrades, and service flexibility for big matches. We do not steal, cheat, lie or manipulate (and it is sad that, in this market, something like that needs to be said). We do not have account resellers or deal with our staff at all times if you are in the market for, or, are currently a client, of our services. None of our staff is provided any commission for sales. We offer a 100% no pressure sales team which will provide specifications and offer opinions only on items like location choice. We do not overstate our products, we do not denigrate our competition and we do not allow rude behavior (from customers, potential customers or from staff).

What Makes Us Different?

All of our gaming service systems are identical. We use the same hardware specifications (listed on our Hardware page under Infrastructure), linux distribution (listed on our Operating System page under Infrastructure), kernel, game files, installation packages, control panel and anything else you can think of, on every machine. Each game service machine has 8 cores (2 Quadcore Intel Xeon processors), no more than 8-10 game services per system, 4GB Memory, 160GB of disk space, CentOS Linux, our Black Box control panel, and our proprietary Pure 2.0 Kernel. Typical maximum CPU usage of any one game system during the course of one day is 30% utilization. Typical maximum RAM usage of any one game system during the course of one day is 60% (including the RAM usage by our operating system, control panel and other services required for operation). Our Pure 2.0 Kernel provides smooth game play with stable FPS. Here is a list of the typical FPS response of our VALVe game types and packages when fully loaded under Pure 2.0 Kernel:

- Half-Life 1 Series (Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Day of Defeat)
-Ultimate Definition - 999/1000FPS Sustained
-Pro Definition - 499/500FPS Sustained
-Super Definition - 333FPS Sustained
-Enhanced Definition - 166FPS Sustained

- Half-Life 2 Series (Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2)
-Ultimate Definition - 975-990FPS Sustained
-Pro Definition - 495-500FPS Sustained
-Super Definition - 122-125FPS Sustained

Do we offer test servers?

Yes, we offer one-hour private test servers (by request only) for all of our private services between the hours of 7PM and 10PM EST - Sunday through Thursday (although we may setup tests outside of that time if our support queue is not heavy). Any public test service requests will be provided a private server to test. We do not provide repeat test servers unless your last test server request was 3+ months in the past. Included with our test servers are access to the following: any location, any gametype, any package, rcon, private password, all league configs (including lo3), all league maps (plus additional map packages like aim and fy). The test server is installed with the exact same file package as our client services, the only difference being you are not provided ftp or control panel access with a test. We allow you to purchase service on the exact IP you tested by listing that IP on the special instructions input on the order form (we also highly suggest you do this whenever possible at any host you may use).

Do we sponsor?

No, we do not sponsor teams, entities or individuals. Despite our original business model which marketed our services around world elite competitive teams, we have since moved to the other extreme model and no longer sponsor. Why? It is our belief that our name is well known in the market and no further market penetration can be created through competitive team sponsorship alone.

Sales Questions

What Forms Of Payment Do We Accept?

We currently accept payment through Paypal Inc and a direct Credit Card gateway. Paypal is a secure internet payment processor which allows account holders to pay for products and services online without revealing their credit card or bank account information to the merchant. Paypal accounts are free, there are no annual fees or membership dues. If you do not have a Paypal account or do not wish to have one (or don't like Paypal, for that matter), we also provide direct credit card processing on our order form.

Do I Have To Manually Renew Each Payment Period?

Payments Made Through Paypal:

No, when you pay for our services you create a subscription which will auto-renew through Paypal on the proper date for your payment term. Customers not wanting to auto-renew will need to cancel their subscription prior to its renewal in Paypal and then re-subscribe each term to continue service on their schedule.

Payments Made Through Credit Card Gateway:

We will automatically attempts to charge the card information you've provided us on the 6 days prior to renewal (144 hours). If that transaction fails, you will receive an email stating such and you will then be required to access your billing account with us and submit the payment manually by clicking your DUE INVOICE. Service will be suspended for 48 hours if unpaid by the due date. After this time, service will be terminated and all custom files and configurations will be erased permanently.

How Long Does Server Setup Take?

There is no concrete answer to this question, sadly. We do not automate our setups due to fraud and performance concerns. After payment is sent to our company through Paypal, an email is dispatched to the purchasers primary registered Paypal email address from our company. The purchaser must respond to this email as directed prior to any service being enabled. After we receive the proper response from purchaser, service is enabled within 12 hours unless the payment has yet to clear (Paypal E-Checks, payments through bank accounts, often take 4-7 days to clear). For more information on our verification procedure, please read the knowledgebase in our support system located here: Paypal Account Verification Procedure

Services ordered using our Direct Credit Card gateway will not require this extra verification process and typically have faster setup times of less than 6 hours from payment receipt.

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade At Any Time?

Clients often take baby steps with our company, testing the waters with lower end packages before deciding to upgrade to our higher end services. Upgrading is fairly easy and straightforward. First, client will need to purchase the new service they desire to have from our site (adding this service to their current billing profile). On that order, place in the special instructions that this service is an upgrade and provide the current IP and Username of the service to be upgraded. After you've paid for this service, file a quick billing support ticket from your billing & support account stating that you are upgrading service. That is all a client needs to do to upgrade. On our end of this upgrade, we manually upgrade your service (typically on the same IP and same instance as you have now) to what you've just ordered, cancel your old subscription on Paypal, calculate the pro-rated refund due back to you on the old service payment (using a 31 day schedule, typically) and then issue that refund.

If, on the other hand, money is tight (or for any other reason) and a client wishes to downgrade, they may do say at the end of their payment term for that service. Simply cancel the subscription for that service on Paypal, file a billing support ticket from your support account with us and give us notice that you plan to re-order a lower service package for the following term. We will hold your account on suspension from being removed when the funds expire and provide you with the date for which to make good on this package downgrade. We will also typically remind you to do this in the days immediately preceeding expiration.

How Do I Cancel Your Services?
All services are invoiced 15 days prior to renewal. Payment reminders are sent out 3 days prior to the renewal date.

Paypal Cancellation Procedure

You do not have to file a support ticket, you do not have to give reason, you do not have to do a great many things that other companies force you to do before relenting on a cancel. Simply access your Paypal account, find your active subscription to our company and then cancel it. That's it. There is a more in-depth article about this in our knowledge base here: Cancellation Procedure . We do prefer this cancellation to take place at least 48 hours prior to renewal to help schedule service removal, balance budgets and to prepare the space for resale on the market.

Credit Card Cancellation Procedure:

To cancel service when using our direct Credit Card gateway, please file a billing support ticket in your Client Area. We do require a minimum of 144 hours (6 full days) notice of cancellation to prior to credit card renewals. If you file your request less than 144 hours prior, you will still be liable for the next month's service charges. There are no refunds for failing to follow this cancellation policy. Any dispute will be fought and a third party collections agency may be utilized to collect on any outstanding debt.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Unlike most companies in the entertainment services market, we are not afraid to provide refunds and list that policy on our site. All refunds are limited to new client services within the first 14 days of service with our company. Only game services can be provided refunds, the following services are prohibited: Ventrilo, Dedicated Systems, Video Relays and promotional priced service (this includes promotional priced game servers). The maximum refund amount is $65USD or 50% of the purchase price (always the lesser of the two). To receive such a refund, for any reason, within the first 14 days of service as a new client, simply file a support ticket in your support account requesting such. Depending on the timing of the request, you may also either ask that the refund be provided immediately (in which case service is removed immediately) or at the end of the 14 day term (in which case we mark your ticket as pending removal and issue the refund on the 14th day of service). Either way, this is an exceedingly fair refund policy. This refund policy does NOT preclude service credits covered under our SLA.

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